How to Use Pinterest for Your Home Renovation

pinterest for home renovation

Pinterest is a popular social media application that can be easily tailored and customized to fit whatever it is you are planning, preparing or looking for ideas upon. If you’re planning on remodeling or planning on a renovation project, you can harness Pinterest to organize, set up tips and tricks, and really plan out your entire renovation project.

#1. Sign up for Pinterest.

Obviously, if you’re going to use Pinterest and you haven’t signed up yet, you’ll need to do that first. You can log in with either Facebook, Google plus or with your email and password. If you sign up with Facebook, Pinterest it may post over on Facebook what you are doing on Pinterest so if you don’t want that to happen you’ll need to adjust your settings accordingly. Once you sign up you want to create a board for your project.

Organization is the key to using Pinterest effectively. If you’re planning on a whole house remodel you may want different boards for different rooms of the house such as the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. You can also make each of these boards either public or private. You can add people to the board so that they can also add on to the Pinterest board as well. This is very helpful for husbands and wives or partners to add ideas and suggestions to the board.

#2. Find appropriate boards to follow.

You can follow one simple board from an individual or you can follow that entire individual’s board. If it’s a remodeling, home improvement, or renovation website, it might be beneficial to follow the entire account rather than one individual board. We have our own Pinterest account here that you can follow and gain ideas, tips, and tricks.

#3. Share from anywhere online.

You don’t have to BE on Pinterest to share ideas and images to your Pinterest board. You can easily add the Pinterest button to your taskbar and click it anytime you want to add an image from any website to a board on your account.  Check out our blog for inspiration.

#4. Share with your contractor.

This is the easiest way for your designer or contractor to know exactly what you want. Be specific. Point out what you like or don’t like about a particular design and have them browse the boards to get a good idea of your taste and style.Ready to get started on that remodeling project? Head over to Pinterest or call us anytime for more information and a consultation.

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