Our Homeowners’ Experiences

“We had a great experience with COOPER Design Build. They were always available to answer questions. Weekly meetings kept us informed on the progress of our remodel and any concerns we had were handled efficiently. The Project Manager on our project was easy to work with and very considerate throughout the remodel. Our home now feels more functional and spacious.”


“We partnered with Lane and the COOPER team on a very ambitious remodel of a historic home. We had a very tight timeline of 5 months from when we started (our rental property was expiring with no option to extend). As is often the case with projects like this, the scope increased significantly as we learned more about the house we had just purchased. We were really impressed with how responsive the team was, and how hard they worked to make our deadline. Throughout the process, their communication was excellent and everyone was professional, friendly and easy to work with. Also, all the professionals they worked with showed up on time and did really good work. Finally, and most importantly, the project was completed on time and we are really happy with how everything turned out – the house has been transformed and we love it. We wouldn’t hesitate to work with Lane and his team again.”

— Marc & Laura

The house has been transformed and we love it

“COOPER Design Build helped us to establish our family zen space where we relax and recharge. They thoughtfully integrated indoor and outdoor spaces into open, flowing environments focused on maximizing the gorgeous views and beautiful light. They truly excelled throughout each phase of our very large project. In the design phase, meetings were well-orchestrated and I am grateful to their design team for doing all the hard work for me! As we began building, I loved having a dedicated team who were incredibly knowledgeable and knew EVERY detail of my project. Our sincere thanks to COOPER Design Build for their professionalism, passion, and commitment from start to finish!”

— Kristy & Amir

They truly excelled throughout each phase of our project

“We cannot speak highly enough of the entire COOPER Design Build team. They took our cramped 1,100 sq. ft. house and turned it into a 3,200 gracious, and liveable home. The workmanship exceeded our happiest expectations, and the exterior design blended in beautifully with the Alameda neighborhood. During the project, they kept in contact with the surrounding homes and were extremely courteous and responsive to any questions. In addition, the project came in just a bit under budget and exactly on time. My husband and I are completely delighted!”

— Karen & David

The workmanship exceeded our happiest expectations

“We chose to work with COOPER Design Build after seeing the recently remodeled home of our close friends who highly recommended them. What impressed us most was that the team was very communicative and quick to respond to our questions. They understood our goals and how to best implement them into the design, material selections, and workmanship of our remodel. Our project manager paid attention to every detail and worked diligently to stay on schedule.”

— Pam & Stan

Very communicative and quick to respond to our questions

“Remodeling, I was told, would be stressful, and is never finished on time. Yes, remodeling is hard; and yes, older homes have always something failing hiding behind the siding or under the roof, but COOPER Design Build took the stress of dealing with a contractor 100% out of the equations. We are very happy with the process *and* the result of our kitchen space remodel. I feel that they are not in it for the buck, but for the satisfaction of satisfying the customer. I don’t say this often, but this team has exceeded my expectations, and I will be happy to recommend them. In fact, I already did, to my daughter and son in law.”

— Martin & Laurie

This team has exceeded my expectations

“I believe Lane and COOPER Design Build continues to be the gold standard of service and expertise. They’ve figured out a way to offer their clients an experience they would choose to repeat and refer to friends and family. That’s what it’s all about, in my opinion. I’ve referred COOPER Design Build to many people over the years because they strive to exceed the expectations of their clients, which does not disappoint.”

— C. Morgan Davis

I've referred COOPER Design Build to many people

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