Are We The Right Fit For Your Project?

 Do We Provide The Services You Want?

One of the greatest benefits to our clients is our full-service design-build model which provides a seamless transition from expert design planning to precise construction. We work from start to finish on each project as a collaborative team of professionals to continuously support each and every phase of a large-scale remodel or custom home build for our clients.

COOPER Design Builders focuses on the design and construction of:

We provide many additional services that are not specifically listed above that can be added to a larger remodeling project including bathroom remodels, energy efficiency and weatherization upgrades, creating outdoor living rooms, exterior improvements, and landscape services.

***Please note we do not provide handyman or trade specific (ie: solely interior painting or floor installation) services for individual or small-scale projects–however, these components are comprehensively included in a larger remodeling project.***

Will We Fit Into Your Timeline?

Many homeowners are expecting to start their project in the very near future; however, it takes time to thoroughly plan for large remodeling projects to ensure that they are done efficiently and correctly. The timeline of each individual project varies due to many factors including scale and scope of the project, the permitting process, inclement weather, and a host of other considerations. Regardless, COOPER Design Builders works diligently to complete each project on budget, on time and with exceptional quality and service.

Are We In Line With Your Budget?

In regards to price, the single most important factor to consider is the quality of thoughtfulness and workmanship taking place in both design and construction. Attentive and creative design followed by a meticulous twenty-eight point estimating process continuing with expert craftsmanship and backed by our one-year home warranty–the price we provide is directly related to the extra attention and safeguards we put in place for your overall satisfaction as well as peace of mind.

Although we have no fixed minimum in regards to the projects we work on, our best service is utilized through projects that require extensive design and construction and with clients who are interested in achieving a beautiful, smart home as seamlessly and comfortably as possible.

Do We Service Your Area?

COOPER Design Builders incorporates a tiered service radius to ensure we provide exceptional service and competitive pricing to every one of our clients. With the goal of maximizing efficiency, we examine each project’s size and scope against its distance from our office in order to be conscientious of budget and schedule considerations.

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