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Breathe new life into your home with an attic or basement remodel

At COOPER Design Build & Remodeling of Portland, our expertise extends to transforming your home’s hidden gems. Our attic and basement design and renovations unlock the full potential of these often overlooked spaces. With over 30 years of diverse experience in home remodeling, we stand out among attic and basement remodeling companies, expertly guiding each project and crafting residences where every corner reflects its owner’s unique style and needs.


Our approach is tailored to bring your dream spaces to life. Whether it’s creating a cozy retreat or a functional storage spot, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality and style. Each of our basement and attic remodels in Portland is a journey of collaboration and innovation, where your vision meets our expertise. Rely on us to reinvent these underused areas, turning them into the most valued and enjoyable parts of your home.

Crafting comfort & functionality at every level

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A top choice among basement & attic remodeling companies in Portland

Our mission is to create your perfect attic or basement design while making the entire project effortless for you. Here’s what sets us apart:

Your project is in the hands of experienced professionals

It’s a team of seasoned experts that stands behind each attic and basement design and remodel we carry out, from skilled contractors to our in-house staff and trusted trade allies. This collective of experts, known for transforming underused spaces into functional marvels, has cemented our status as the industry leader. With our help as your attic and basement remodelers in Portland, your journey is sure to be of the highest standard.

Our streamlined process is a reflection of our core values: honesty, dedication, and transparency. We begin by outlining the budget and timeline, then move forward with a fixed price agreement. Following this, our team will meticulously manage every phase of your attic or basement renovation and provide weekly updates, promising efficiency and convenience. Finally, each project ends with a comprehensive one-year warranty, guaranteeing the enduring quality of our work.

Hidden spaces, visible elegance

Transformative attic & basement remodeling

Our team is dedicated to turning those underused spaces in your residence into areas of comfort and style, where every detail is tailored to you. Reach out today and start your journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you likely can transform your attic into a bedroom, but it requires proper finishing or remodeling first. To ensure it’s safe, comfortable, and compliant with building codes, it’s crucial to have it professionally assessed and updated. 

An attic renovation can add charming and functional living space to your home. If you’re interested in exploring this possibility, we recommend scheduling a consultation with experienced attic remodeling contractors in Portland who can guide you through the process.

Adding value to this space often depends on its functionality and how it complements your lifestyle. Common features include creating a multi-purpose family room, adding a home office, and/or designing a guest suite. We often see clients creating mixed-use spaces to maximize the area. High-quality finishes, good lighting, and moisture control are also key. However, the value of a basement renovation largely depends on your specific circumstances and what you’re hoping to gain with it.

The exact price varies widely depending on factors such as the size of the space, the structural modifications needed, the materials you choose, and the complexity of the new attic design. Insulation, ventilation, access, and many other considerations can also impact the cost. For a precise estimate, it’s best to get in touch with COOPER Design Build, leading experts in attic remodeling in Portland, and ask them for an assessment and a detailed cost breakdown.

Planning a basement renovation should always start with thinking carefully about what you would like to achieve with this project. Think about the purpose of the space – whether it will continue to be a storage area or if you’re transforming it into an entertainment room, an additional bedroom, or a home office.

Next, get in touch with a professional basement remodeler, like us, to assess structural requirements, moisture control, and insulation needs. A skilled team can help you design the space and handle all aspects of construction, ensuring a smooth transformation.

With a rich 30-year history and a diverse portfolio of stylish, functional attic and basement projects, COOPER Design Build & Remodeling is your trusted partner for home renovations in and around Portland. Our services extend from luxury house renovations in Beaverton to sophisticated home updates in Lake Oswego, spanning the areas of the Willamette River, Tualatin Mountains and other surrounding regions. 

Whether it’s an elegant room or second-story addition, a meticulous bathroom or suite renovation, or a chic remodel of your historic property, our team of skilled designers and contractors is committed to realizing your vision. Contact us today, and step into a world of exceptional innovation and design.

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