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At COOPER Design Build & Remodeling of Portland‌, we believe that your primary suite should be a place of relaxation and luxury; a safe haven for a busy morning or an oasis of serenity for a soothing Sunday afternoon. Equally, we believe that your favorite chamber may quite easily become your primary bathroom, designed and equipped to improve your daily routine and make every moment extraordinary.


Our primary suite remodels and additions grant you the space befitting your specific lifestyle. Our award-winning team has 30 years of experience in bathroom design and construction, delivering smart and innovative solutions that maximize the functionality and aesthetics of your quarters. With us, you’re encouraged to dream big and we’ll still surpass your expectations!

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Whether you are looking to add an entirely new primary suite or perform a comprehensive bathroom remodel, we can help you redefine or create the most intimate spaces in your home while ensuring the entire process is thoroughly enjoyable:

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Our Portland remodeling company is regarded as the epitome of ingenuity, innovation, and artistry, and it’s all thanks to the brilliant individuals who comprise our team. Unwavering in their pursuit of excellence, our visionary primary suite and bathroom designers and remodelers infuse every project with personalized elegance. This is how we transform your most intimate quarters into spaces of unrivaled sophistication.

From customized layouts that facilitate efficient and thoughtful movement to artful finishes that evoke serenity, our design aficionados create spaces that transcend the ordinary. Leveraging architectural prowess and the modern technologies,our artisans transform your vision into an opulent reality.

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COOPER Design Build offers you the opportunity to seamlessly weave a primary suite and bathroom remodel into your Portland home. Schedule a consultation today and let us elevate your quality of life!

Frequently Asked Questions

A private bathroom, directly connected to the main bedroom is referred to as the “primary en suite”, otherwise known as a primary suite. Typically, it is designed to be exclusive to and easily accessible from the primary bedroom, thereby vastly increasing privacy and convenience for the users.

The first step of a bathroom remodel should always be to find a reputable primary suite remodeling contractor in Portland to aid you in assessing the space and any subsequent planning. With their help, it will be easier to address the design preferences and functionality levels you wish to achieve, resulting in a more efficient and budget-friendly remodeling process.

Several factors can add value to your primary bathroom remodeling, including:

  • Quality materials: High-grade fixtures, tiles, and finishes can enhance the perceived value of the space.
  • Energy-efficient features: Installing energy-efficient lighting, water-saving faucets, and eco-friendly toilets can be attractive to potential buyers in Portland.
  • Functional layout: A well-thought-out and functional layout that maximizes space and storage can contribute to the overall value.
  • Modern design elements: Incorporating contemporary design elements and styles can give your bathroom a more appealing look, in turn increasing the overall value of the property.

Yes, bathroom remodels and renovations are always worthwhile investments. While an updated, elegant bathroom can increase the value of your home, the enjoyment you’ll receive from creating a luxurious, spa-like bathroom retreat can not be overlooked.

If you’re ready to elevate your home to aesthetic and functionality heights, COOPER Design Build & Remodeling of Portland is your finest choice. With three decades of experience, a recognized award-winning team, and a proven, more enjoyable  process, we’re an ideal partner to entrust with improving your residence.

Our expertise is available in a wide variety of locales throughout the Portland area, so you can rely on us to:

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