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At COOPER Design Build & Remodeling of Portland, “Kitchen is the heart of the home” is more than an adage. We understand the significance of this area goes beyond mere meal preparation; it is a safe space where you conduct your gourmet symphony, entertain your family and friends, and create memories that last a lifetime. For this reason, our kitchen designers and remodelers strive to transcend the mundane.


Our full-service design-build process combines efficiency and elegance, style and substance, form and function, culminating in a kitchen remodel that is a perfect reflection of your preferences and style. As proud holders of multiple prestigious awards and a legacy of excellence spanning more than three decades, we possess the experience and capability to design and construct the space that can truly be the centerpiece of your home.


Streamlined kitchen remodeling that harmonizes with your vision





Why we’re the leading kitchen remodeling contractor in Portland

Our goal is not only to design a kitchen that will be your pride and joy but to ensure that the entire process is as pleasant as possible. We do this by creating an environment that fosters certainty at every stage and in every aspect of the process:

Bespoke kitchen designs that resonate with your lifestyle

Our Portland kitchen designers approach remodeling as an opportunity to turn your needs into intelligently imagined, aesthetically pleasing, and highly functional spaces. We put our ingenuity, craftsmanship, product knowledge, and attention to detail to work, ensuring precise execution for prompt completion. We understand the needs of passionate gourmets and hosts and tailor our designs to the type of activities you do.

That’s why our kitchen renovations begin with us gaining insight into the intended use of your space, followed by designing a layout that allows you to move efficiently and comfortably. Next, we turn to the visual presentation: we combine color, form, and texture to evoke a feeling of beauty and balance. Finally, using your home’s architecture as a reference, we integrate the kitchen with the rest of the areas, so even though it’s brand new, the results are seamless.

Enhance your lifestyle with

Kitchen designs that elevate your residence

Schedule your consultation with the COOPER Design Build team and enjoy elegant and functional solutions tailored to your exact needs and preferences!

Frequently Asked Questions

To find some of the best kitchen designers in Portland, it is advisable to take the following steps:

  • Research and reviews: Look for designers with overwhelmingly positive reviews and an extensive portfolio.
  • Credentials: Check for relevant certifications or memberships in recognized design associations, as well as any pertinent rewards.
  • Referrals: Ask friends, family, or neighbors for recommendations. Additionally, ask for a list of referrals from the kitchen remodeling company, and follow up on several of them.
  • Conduct interviews: Meet with potential designers to discuss your vision, style, and budget, as well as to assess their communication and approach.

The amount of time required to design a kitchen will vary based on the project’s complexity and scope, the size of the space, and the designer’s expertise and efficiency. On average, this phase can take anywhere from three to four months, including consultations, conceptualization, development, revisions, and finalization.

Considering how complex kitchen renovations can be, you should approach this undertaking systematically:

  • Define goals: Clearly outline what you aim to achieve with the renovation, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics.
  • Research and inspiration: Use online and other resources to gather ideas on styles and features you want in your kitchen.
  • Consult with Professionals: Engage with a skilled kitchen designer in Portland to discuss your vision and project feasibility.
  • Budgeting: Work with an experienced professional to establish a realistic budget that aligns with your renovation goals.
  • Execution: Hire a reputable kitchen renovation contractor to ensure the work goes smoothly, and the final result matches your vision.

Several factors will determine the price of your kitchen remodel, including:

  • The extent of renovations;
  • The quality and quantity of materials;
  • Labor costs (including designers, contractors, and installers);
  • Local market conditions;
  • The scope of customization;
  • Costs associated with obtaining necessary permits.

COOPER Design Build & Remodeling of Portland is the leading authority on kitchen renovation anywhere from the banks of the Columbia River, all the way to Dunthorpe and beyond. Boasting 30+ years in the industry, numerous prestigious awards, and memberships in multiple industry associations, we’re the perfect partner to take your residence to the next level.

In addition to kitchens, our domain of expertise extends to a diverse range of home remodels, including:

Reach out to us today whether you desire a comprehensive renovation in Beaverton or a full-house remodel in Lake Oswego, and rest assured that our experts will deliver on their promise of top quality!

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