Kitchen & Dining Remodel in Portland, OR

A Q & A with our homeowners offers so much insight into the true experience of remodeling a home. Please take a moment to learn how COOPER Design Build transformed their lives by transforming their home.

Why did you decide to remodel your house? What problems did you need to resolve?

We loved the house when we toured it, but there were a few quirks, and the most pressing issue was that the kitchen was very small and made inefficient use of the space. The dishwasher was elevated, which broke up the counters, the bay window was nice-looking, but ultimately wasted space, and the lighting was an outdated fluorescent soffit. But the real change we wanted was to open up the enclosed walls to bring the house in line with its 1970s construction and connect the living spaces with the kitchen.

Why did you choose to work with COOPER Design Build?

We spoke to several architects initially, and we never felt good about being told that they would hand off the design to a GC and then sort of step back. We did some research and learned about design build firms, and we found the idea much more attractive. If the folks who do the design work are the ones in charge of building it, there’s less of a chance for things to get lost in translation. Ultimately, COOPER Design Build was the best of the design build firms we spoke to, and we were pleased to work with them.

What are the top things that you love about your newly remodeled space?

We love the newly open space, which lets the family stay connected while in different rooms. Our son can practice piano in the living room while my daughter draws at the kitchen island and my wife works in the family room, and I can cook and see everyone. The expanded windows over the kitchen sink allow in three times the light of the old bay window and gives us a panoramic view of our beautiful side yard. The kitchen island integrates a new gathering space and cabinet storage, which allows us to add those windows as well as keep cabinets from dominating the walls, which just helps the space feel more open.

What design details or features are you most excited about?

The Fulgor Milano range has been a joy to cook on. We love the glass tile backsplash, and we appreciate the work they did in order to accommodate our wishes despite glass tile being a challenge to work with. And to reiterate, the island is the central hub of the main floor now, and we all love it.

How has the remodel improved your lifestyle at home?

In general, it’s made our day to day more enjoyable. Cooking is no longer a frustrating dance around each other in a tiny space, and items we need are within easy reach, not hidden away in corner-cabinet Lazy Susans. The improved lighting warms the space and gives us the ability to see our artwork better.

What did you most enjoy about working with COOPER Design Build?

We appreciated the design vision initially, which aligned very much with our own. When the work got started, they were great about keeping things tidy and safe to accommodate the time we were occupying the home during construction. And I really liked working with Britt Atherton, our Project Manager, who was proactive about communication, accommodating, and generally did everything in his power to make sure our needs were met. 

In speaking with others, what would you say are a few things that COOPER Design Build did well that matter most to you?

COOPER Design Build executed the design perfectly. When issues came up that had been unexpected – E.G., the need for structural supports in the garage, asbestos, or a mishap with the cabinetry – they were again proactive in letting us know what the issue was, clear about the need, and provided options where possible.

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