Kitchen, Dining & Family Room Remodel in Lake Oswego, OR

Our homeowners envisioned their Lake Oswego kitchen remodel as a way to update the look of their home while creating a space that functioned well for their busy lives. They longed to fashion a kitchen that would serve as the central gathering space of their home and they emphasized the importance of seamlessly connecting the kitchen to the living room and enhancing storage to meet their practical requirements.

Blending the Old with the New in a Modern Remodel

With a deep sensitivity to Lake Oswego’s architectural ambiance, the design seamlessly blended the charm of the old with the sophistication of the new. The objective was to honor the home’s character while infusing it with contemporary elegance and functional design elements.

Witnessing the Gratifying Kitchen Transformation

As the project neared completion, it was immensely gratifying for the clients to witness the remarkable transformation of the space. The once-dated kitchen emerged as a bright, inviting haven meticulously tailored to their preferences, with seamless integration with the living room and optimized storage solutions.

Beyond Home Renovation: A Collaborative Success

Ultimately, this Lake Oswego Kitchen Remodel project transcended mere renovation; it epitomized a collaborative endeavor resulting in a space that not only met but exceeded the clients’ expectations. As partners in their journey, we take immense pride in having played a pivotal role in creating a home where they can relish moments of joy and create lasting memories for years to come.


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