Trio of Baths Remodel in Portland, OR

This charming 1930’s cottage-style home overlooking Portland’s Nob Hill had so much of what our homeowners were looking for when they purchased it but they recognized that often a home of this era requires many updates to truly function beautifully for a modern family. The following is a fun Q & A that allows our homeowners to describe their thoughts and experience in their own words!

Why did you decide to remodel your house?  What problems did you need to resolve?

This project with COOPER Design Build was the last big one.  We had 1.5 original bathrooms plus some terrible “shower in a closet” additions that had been done by a prior owner (flipper). We needed to transform one bathroom, add 2 more, and, in the process, eliminate the “shower closets”.

Why did you choose to work with COOPER Design Build?

We had a design but weren’t happy with it. The fact that they could do the design and the build-out was a big factor. In addition, we liked that they had so much experience working with older homes like ours. Finally, COOPER Design Build’s references were excellent.

What are the top things that you love about your newly remodeled space?

It turned out as we imagined! No big surprises and a huge upgrade to the livability and resale appeal to our house.

What design details or features are you most excited about?

The fact that we have a true master bath with no compromises. That is hard to find in old houses like ours. Also, the basement bath turned out very cool.

How has the remodel improved your lifestyle at home?

It’s more comfortable all the way around.

What did you most enjoy about working with COOPER Design Build?

Great people, responsive, know their stuff, no drama.

What would you say are a few things that COOPER Design Build did well that matter most to you?

COOPER Design Build beat their schedule (that’s right, beat!), and just as the COVID-19 lockdown was happening. Lane did a great job of being informed and acting quickly in an environment that none of us had ever seen or anticipated.


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