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Discover elegant living with COOPER, a leading design-build company known for enhancing interiors in West Slope with high-quality remodeling. Specializing in luxurious and thoughtful upgrades, we are your trusted partner for a range of home remodels.

Whether you’re planning a kitchen update, primary suite or basement remodel, bathroom or attic remodeling, or even a room or home addition, our team provides quality results. Our professionals are at your service in all stages of the project to ensure every detail aligns with your expectations. Let’s explore your home’s true potential.

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If you’re looking for design-build contractors in West Slope who deliver a range of solutions for every space, need, and taste, we’re the company to partner with.

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Our work is recognizable for its elegance and high quality, and our design-build company also delivers a seamless experience with every project. Here’s what we bring to the table:

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We’re redefining the home renovation experience to put a focus on simplicity and ease. No matter the type or scope of your planned project, you can count on our COOPER Design + Build process for a transparent, secure, and efficient experience.

We excel in transforming visions into reality, skillfully translating your ideas into tangible results. We keep you in the loop for the duration of the project, so you always know what we’re working on. Whether you’re planning a comprehensive overhaul, a room or home addition, or a simple refresh for your kitchen, our designers and remodelers will guide you through every step of the journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many ways in which a kitchen remodel can elevate your home in West Slope, but a boost in functionality and style is the most important one. A thoughtful upgrade, planned by a trusted kitchen designer, can make this space more fitting for your lifestyle. Its appearance can also be aligned with your tastes and the rest of your home’s design. 

Whether your goal is to improve workflow, add storage, or introduce a change in the aesthetics of the room, updating this area can transform your everyday living experience.

While common home additions include extra bedrooms, living area expansions, and sunrooms, there’s no universal answer to which one is best. It all depends on your house’s layout and more importantly, your needs. Each home addition adds value and practicality, so consider what you want to achieve with it first.

If there’s a lot of underused space in your attic, remodeling it may be the best option for adding value to your house and enhancing its functionality. Depending on your needs, this space could become anything from an extra bedroom to a cozy nook. 

Are you interested in attic remodeling but uncertain about the best use for the new room? Then you may want to consult with home remodelers in West Slope for guidance. Our experts can help you maximize this space, turning it into a functional and cherished part of your residence.

Bathroom remodeling is one of the best home upgrades you can do. Increased safety, enhanced comfort, and updated style are its main advantages. Modern amenities and a more efficient layout can make the space safer, easier to keep tidy, and more pleasant to spend time in.

If you want to begin a home improvement project and wish for it to be a streamlined experience with beautiful, high-quality results, contact COOPER Design Build. We’re a trusted remodeling company in West Slope and the vicinity. 

Whether your residence is near West Slope Park or elsewhere in the area, our services extend across the town and beyond. Are you looking to upgrade your home in Council Crest, considering an elegant full house remodel in Dunthorpe, aiming to update your residence in Lake Oswego, or seeking the expertise of reliable design-build contractors in Beaverton? Our team is at your service. 

Armed with over three decades of industry experience, a team of seasoned professionals, a seamless process, and cutting-edge techniques, we’re equipped and ready to give you the elegance, functionality, and comfort you’ve always desired. Our projects include kitchen remodeling, primary suite and bathroom remodels, home additions, and more. 

Connect with us today to take the first step toward turning your dream home into a tangible reality!

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