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COOPER Design Build has been in the vanguard of home remodeling and renovation in Dunthorpe and the vicinity for more than three decades. Groundbreaking design, quality construction, and steadfast commitment to professional ethics are the hallmarks of our business. 

Our projects merge modern technologies and timeless quality, producing results that are as functional as they’re beautiful. Whether you wish to expand your space with a room addition, create a serene retreat with a primary suite remodel, or make your loft livable through attic remodeling, we’ll carry it out with a detailed, full-service approach. 

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As a full-service design-build company, putting us in charge of your home remodel in Dunthrope comes with many benefits:

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Here at COOPER, we have a team of skilled and experienced home remodelers. From designers to architects, each member of our team brings something different to the table. Creative designs, precise construction, and dedication to client satisfaction are just some of our guiding principles. 

We use time-tested practices that enable us to deliver quality regardless of the complexity or scope of your project. Whether it’s a primary suite and bathroom remodel, attic or basement remodel, a home or room addition, or another type of renovation in Dunthorpe, you can count on our expertise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To find dependable kitchen designers in Dunthorpe, it is advisable to check online reviews for kitchen designers or design-build companies near you.

Once you’ve narrowed down the list of contractors, follow up by:

  • Checking if they’re licensed, registered, and have the necessary certifications
  • Explore their portfolio of past projects to see whose style best suits your vision
  • Contact them directly to assess their professionalism
  • Have them conduct an on-site assessment

This process, while time-consuming, can help you find the best kitchen designers to entrust your home remodeling to.

Yes, attic remodeling is possible in most cases. Before committing to the project, it is essential to have expert home remodelers from Dunthorpe assess the structural integrity of your attic and ensure it meets building codes for occupancy. If both criteria are met, you can freely proceed with your attic remodeling.

Absolutely! Home or room additions are a phenomenal investment. Not only will you get extra usable space but you’ll also increase the functionality, livability, curb appeal, and overall value of your home in Dunthorpe.

If you’re intent on basement remodeling, it is best to consult with experienced design-build contractors in Dunthorpe first. The possibilities are virtually endless, ranging from simple lighting or flooring replacements to comprehensive overhauls that can transform the space beyond recognition.

COOPER Design Build is your most reliable choice anywhere from Elk Rock Gardens to Tryon Creek Park. With 30+ years of industry presence, a team of experienced home remodelers, and a stress-free process, we’re capable of infusing living spaces with new vitality and functionality. Our service area extends beyond the borders of Dunthorpe, providing you with the opportunity to:

Whether you wish us to perform a remodel or renovation of your primary suite, bathroom, kitchen, basement, or attic, combine all of the above into a comprehensive whole home remodel, or expand your home with a room addition, you can rest assured that the end result will meet your expectations. Connect with us today and let’s get started!

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