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As a leader in home renovation and remodeling in Council Crest for over three decades, we use our expertise to create beautiful and functional spaces. With sophisticated solutions, captivating designs, and precision workmanship, our projects stand the test of time and enhance your lifestyle.

Whether it’s room additions, primary suite or bathroom remodels, basement and attic remodeling, or a comprehensive whole-home renovation, our team can take what you envision and turn it into quality construction.

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We are a full-service remodeling contractor, dedicated to creating a positive, satisfying home improvement experience for clients in Council Crest and the vicinity. Here’s what you can expect:

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Thanks to our signature COOPER Design + Build process, we make home remodeling convenient for our clients.

Designed to effortlessly guide you through every phase of your renovation, this operating method is characterized by transparency, security, and convenience. We apply it in every facet of our work, whether we’re handling a primary suite and bathroom remodel, attic or basement renovation, or home or room addition.

In doing so, our design-build company provides you with peace of mind and ensures successful outcomes that align with your vision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Like any other type of home remodeling, bathroom remodeling is a complex undertaking, often needing constructive work, specialized tools, and extensive experience.

As such, your primary objectives should be to find a reliable design-build contractor in Council Crest and schedule your on-site consultation. This will help you refine your ideas, establish a realistic budget, and gain an in-depth understanding of what the project requires.

The time it takes to finish attic remodeling heavily depends on the nature, scope, and complexity of the project. Minor (aesthetic) remodels can take anywhere from several days to a few weeks while major (constructive) remodels, such as full conversion, may take up to several months.

While it is technically possible to conduct a DIY kitchen remodel, doing so is ill-advised. In most cases, kitchen remodeling requires demolition work, as well as plumbing and electrical system modifications, all of which must comply with safety regulations and local building codes.

More importantly, some of these activities can be risky and even life-threatening if conducted without proper knowledge and experience. As such, they are better left to the capable hands of kitchen remodeling contractors in Council Crest.

Home addition contractors offer a specialized room addition service, ideal for expanding your home. Considering the scope of work involved in these projects, it is highly recommended to go for a dedicated design-build company, such as COOPER Design Build. Our operating methods involve managing the entirety of the project, from concept through completion, allowing us to expedite the process and deliver results in record time.

COOPER Design Build delivers excellence anywhere from Council Crest Park to the Tualatin Mountains. Options we offer range from kitchen remodels, bathroom/primary suite renovations, attic and basement remodels, to room and home additions.

Our services are available throughout the region, empowering residents beyond Council Crest to:

With a team of proven experts, a streamlined process, and the latest methods, we’ll infuse your space with comfort and functionality. Reach out to us today and let’s get your project started.

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