Kitchen Design and Remodel Services in Portland, OR

Our Portland kitchen remodeling company brings you 25+ years of experienced, meticulous gourmet kitchen design and build services.

For many homes, the kitchen is the center of activity. From meal preparation to just hanging out, the kitchen seems to be the place where people congregate. And whether you’re cooking a casual meal, or catering for a crowd, there’s no denying the beauty of a well-designed gourmet kitchen. Especially when it functions as well as it looks.

In our 25+ years of experience, we have worked with every style of kitchen in Portland’s most unique houses. From Colonial Revivals to bungalows to the European Tudor,  classical craftsman homes and beyond, we take exceptional pride in remodeling gourmet kitchens in Portland.

Kitchen Design Tailored To Your Lifestyle

Because we understand the needs of serious cooks, we tailor our designs to the type of cooking you do. That’s why our gourmet kitchen remodels begin with a lot of questions: What is the primary focus for your kitchen? Is it more about congregating, more about cooking, or both? Do you share cooking tasks with others? What kind of cooking do you like to do?

Once we know everything about how you intend to use your new kitchen, we go to work. First, we design a layout, that allows you to move efficiently and comfortably within the space. Then we turn to what we like to call the presentation: here we combine color, form, and texture to evoke a feeling of beauty and balance. Finally, using your home’s architecture as a reference, we carefully consider how the kitchen integrates with the rest of the home. So, even though it’s brand new, it feels like it belongs to the rest of the house.

The unanimous outcome: gorgeously designed kitchens that look as fabulous as they function.  Our holistic approach results in a kitchen that is everything you want it to be, A unique, one of a kind design, true to you.

Kitchen Remodeling eBook

When it comes time to begin the design-build process for remodeling your kitchen here in Portland, we trust that you will find our project management strategy unparalleled. With a meticulous, systematized design process, we ensure that your kitchen remodel is built to your exact specifications, and built to bring your vision into a reality.

We invite you to take a look at our gourmet kitchen remodel projects and discover the distinctive, intelligent designs that we have had the pleasure of building for our clients.