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Our Story

In 1987, as a cash-strapped University of Oregon architecture student, Lane had the incredible fortune to find work with Ed Phelps. A master craftsman, Ed taught Lane the art of fine home construction from the ground up, instilling in him a deep understanding of how each building element, from foundation to finish, relates to one another. This apprenticeship added a new dimension to his formal education, forging the connection between design theory and the practical realities of building.

While still at school Lane formed relationships with Eric Ochs, his original partner, and Gerry Moseley who saw an opportunity to give the entrepreneurial-minded young men a chance. Handing them a check for $1,200 to buy tools, Gerry said, “Design and build me a house.” Thus the business was born.

The business moved to Portland in 1991 and focused on residential work.  Over the years Lane assembled a core group of like-minded people.  A team who is, first and foremost, passionate about helping people live better in their homes.  A team who prides itself on developing a thorough understanding of the needs and desires of each client then brings those dreams to life through their collective skills in design and construction.