Our Process


COOPER Design Builders

our design/build proven process in 5 steps

Accuracy of Final Cost*


Initial Meeting (no charge)

  • Listen to your needs, wants, and dreams for the project
  • Walk through your home, assess feasibility
  • Give a “broad brush stroke” idea of cost of construction
  • Provide an estimate for cost of design


Sign Design Contract (varies per project)

  • A one page fixed price agreement that defines our design scope
  • Measure your existing home to produce “as built” scale drawings
  • Present first round of design ideas (often in 3D)
  • Revise as needed until you love it.
  • Produce 27 phase estimate, final CAD design drawings and construction contract

Varies 2-7 Months

Start Construction

  • A site supervisor and project manager will be assigned to your project
  • Pass out friendly flyers to alert neighbors we will be working in the area
  • Use protective coverings to protect your home as if it were our own produce the dream!

1 Year

Complete Project/ 1 Year Warranty Period

  • As your house “settles in” there will be various adjustments,
    tweaks, & touch-ups required throughout the year – these are included in our service to you

*for illustration purposes only – every project is unique.

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