Master Suite Additions & Remodeling in Portland, OR

Whether you are looking to add a new master suite entirely or upgrade your current master suite, we can bring your vision to life and help you to redefine or create the most intimate space in your home.


You spend a lot of time in your master bedroom. After all, one-third of your life is spent asleep! But perhaps you are facing a change in your life, or you plan to stay in your home as you age and would like to plan ahead. Or, perhaps you just need more space.

We understand the challenges that can arise when you design and build a master suite. We take great pride in our meticulous design process, allowing for a seamless, transparent process while you await the master suite of your dreams.

We take exceptional pride in each and every project, seamlessly uniting the principles of construction and design, in one fluid process. With our finely-tuned design process, we’ve created an impeccable relationship between our clients and our team, comprised of talented designers and carpenters, to ensure that your master suite remodel is exactly what you imagined. We invite you to take a look at our portfolio for inspiration, and to gain a better understanding of the time, attention, and quality we bring to each project.