What is Design-Build?

When you decide to remodel or build your home, you can hire an architect or designer to develop the concepts and plans and then hire a general contractor to bring the design to life. Or, you can hire a design-build company to handle every step of the process from start to finish.

Design-build remodeling brings together the two crucial elements of a project: design and construction. Our team is comprised of designers and builders who work together to complete your remodeling project faster and better and unifies the workflow from initial concept to project completion. This means you have one team working in unison to bring your vision to life.

The benefits of this approach include lower design costs, improved communication, fewer change orders, and faster project completion. We recommend the design/build option for anyone hoping for a streamlined remodel or custom home project.

We feel it is very important to know and understand our clients general design ideas. After all, our clients live in and know their homes better than anyone else. Our initial meeting with a homeowner always starts with learning about their goals and priorities for their home. Homeowners know how they live in their house and can provide important insights into what will make their life functionally and emotionally better. It has been our experience that a client’s initial general design ideas can be developed through our design process and made better by our design team. So don’t be shy about expressing your ideas for the remodeling project.

However, it can sometimes feel difficult to explain your design ideas to your remodeler. Our first recommendation is to create lookbooks of designs, appliances, flooring, paint colors or anything else you find attractive. You can create your lookbook using online platforms such as Houzz or Pinterest or also consider the method of cutting photos from magazines. This will help us understand your design aesthetic which we can use to  design the home of your dreams.

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