Should I Stage my Portland Home Before Listing?

Staged houses seem to be the norm now when they weren’t just 10 to 15 years ago. Professional stagers keep themselves pretty busy on jobs for new listings and homes on the market. But, is it a vital part in getting your home sold?

Staging is simply taking the homeowner’s ideas and rearranging it for the best layout and design, and making it appeal to a majority of buyers. Another approach would be to purchase or borrow new items, furniture, and décor in order to create a neutral sense of calm, cleanliness, and showing appeal.

Many sellers try to do it themselves, and while it MAY be effective, professional staging puts a different and experienced set of eyes on buyers’ desires.Should I stage my home before listing? However, a staged home doesn’t necessarily guarantee a quick sale. It doesn’t matter how good the staging is if the home is overpriced.

Overpricing a home is simply death to the real estate listing. Staging is one major key point to getting a home shown, but getting an offer on the table really comes down to competitive pricing. Is the home priced higher or lower than its perceived value? Remember, it is not likely that the buyers have seen ONLY your home. If buyers feel they are getting more value for the price of the home over a competitor, they naturally will be drawn to the property.

Now, all that being said, I do not suggest avoiding staging altogether. Staging, decluttering, cleaning, and providing a neat and well-organized layout is also 25 to 35% of the marketing process. A home that shows well will naturally get more attention. Combine that with appropriate pricing on other valuable amenities, you’re practically guaranteed an offer within the first 30 to 60 days.

So what happens if you cannot price the home at a low price point to start?

This is where you need to expand on the features and the true value of the home. Does the home have any additional amenities or features that you can showcase over your closest competition? This may be where professional staging can really come into play. Even a consultation may be worth your time and your money if you plan on asking more for the home.

Don’t neglect the curb appeal; many buyers see the outside of the home first and decide right then whether they want to explore further. Talk about additional features that buyers may not be aware of such as close proximity to parks, schools, markets or the neighborhood in general.

Staging certainly isn’t everything but it can play a vital role in marketing and getting your home sold quickly. For a free consultation remodeling or even just small job renovations to prepare a house for sale, give us a call today.

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