Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Portland, OR

COOPER Design Builders has a long-standing partnership with one of Portland’s premier suppliers, designing and building custom cabinets for Portland homes.

When renovating the historic and often quirky homes in Portland’s eclectic neighborhoods, we often find ourselves remodeling old and antiquated kitchens. Kitchens are remodeled for a myriad of reasons, but often, they are renovated to create more storage space and increase functionality.

As the decades go on, our need for kitchen storage has changed dramatically. The majority of homes built before the 1980’s were simply not built with the storage or space that a family requires today. As home building and social trends change and evolve over time, so does the need for ample kitchen storage. By working coherently with one supplier, we are able to provide the highest quality designs and the highest quality construction.

For more information on kitchen remodeling in Portland, take a look at our eBook: Designing the Ideal Kitchen.

We begin with assessing the functionality of your current cabinets, what you have to store, and how much room best suits your kitchen, and your needs. We take into account any additional requests, such as custom spice cabinets, special appliance storage, or storage specifically designed for aging in place. Once the design of your cabinets has been selected, we oversee every detail of the process, from the final design to the final installation.

We have been built a lasting partnership with Oak Grove Cabinets to design and install custom cabinetry for our clients here in Portland. We take great pride in designing custom cabinetry, built and installed seamlessly to complement the aesthetic of modern design, while still maintaining your homes individualistic qualities.

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