How to Keep the Historic Charm of a Home while Remodeling

Do have a historical home in the Portland area? You’ve probably thought about remodeling, which is probably led you to this blog post. We deal with a lot of historical homes that have undergone renovations but still keep their vintage charm.

Most people that will restore homes that are at least 70+ years old want to keep some of that vintage charm. This can be difficult to do but not impossible. These historical homes have such an intriguing work and many people are drawn to these homes specifically because of their historical charm.

Here are some tips for homeowners, flippers, and investors that want to renovate historical homes while keeping the vintage charm.

Check for hazardous materials first.

Before you start to remodel anything you want to check that there are no dangerous environmental hazards such as asbestos or lead paint. Many of these older homes can have pests, wood rot or mold that needs to be addressed before any cosmetic or aesthetic issues can be dealt with. You may find this out by investigating the property if it’s a new purchase but if you’ve lived in the home for some time, you may have simply gotten used to these issues and they are not revealed until you do a major remodel. You want to talk with professionals about the proper way to handle and dispose of these hazardous materials.

Existing unique fixtures that make the home special.

If the home has a beautiful stair railing with the deep wood molding and vintage accents, you’ll want to freshen this up without losing the appeal. Many of these items such as hardwood flooring, mantels, ironwork, and architecture can simply be replaced with similar materials all the while keeping the design and charm of the vintage look. Make notes about the items in the home that you love and want to maintain. Then, talk to your contractor about how to maintain the integrity of the look but still given an updated design with fresh materials.

Sometimes you have to renovate an entire room.

High use areas such as kitchens and bathrooms will almost certainly have to be redone. Some of these items will need to be completely replaced such as old appliances, countertops, and lighting fixtures. Talk to your remodeling expert about how you can maintain the link of the vintage kitchen or bathroom but still be up to par with coding, building regulations, and materials. [Source]

Every home is different but if you want to keep the vintage charm of a historical home you want to get the expertise of contractors and professionals that deal with this on a daily basis. For more information on remodeling your vintage home in Portland office today. Would be happy to answer any questions you might have and get started on the remodeling process.

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