Home Improvement Projects to Work on This Winter

Now is a great time to work on some of these projects that kept building up over the summer. The fall and winter can be a great time for cleaning out closets, doing some inside projects and preparing for spring or summer. If you’re looking for some home improvement projects or some great indoor projects here’s what you should focus on this winter.

#1. Cleaning out the closet.

Now is a great time to clean out everything that you did not wear this summer and spring. If it’s been over a year since you’ve used it, it’s time to donate it or sell it. Simply get it out of your closet. One good rule of thumb that we have is that if we bring in a new item of clothing we have to get rid of something else. This frees up the hangers, closet space and simply declutters your life, plus, you can also clean out Christmas closets, holiday decorations and junk shores of anything that you simply didn’t use in the last 6 to 8 months.

#2. Clean out the gutters.


Once all the leaves fall off the trees it’s a great time to get them out of your gutters so that when the fall and winter rains hit, as it often does this time of year in the Pacific Northwest, you won’t be clogging up drain spouse and ruining your siding and your roofs. If you don’t feel comfortable getting on a ladder or on your roof, especially if it’s slippery, it’s time to hire a professional.

#3. Maintain and trim the trees.


Once the leaves are off you can see where unusual offshoots are ruining the look and shape of most trees. It’s time to cut back those fruit trees so they are prepared for next spring and summer and simply clean up the yard, sweep the leaves and trim the trees back.

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#4. Maintain and check the sump pump.


If you have an unfinished basement, they can get wet pretty quickly. If you have a sump pump installed it can handle most groundwater level rising by eliminating that water before it becomes a problem but you want to make sure you maintain that pump and activated when necessary.

#5. Service your furnace.

Now is a great time to consider scheduling a furnace service and maintenance before it gets too cold. The last thing you want is for your furnace to break down on a cold day only to discover the service company is out a week or more. Have it serviced now and repair or replace anything that might be faulty in order to prepare it for the long winter.

These are great projects to consider working on over the next couple of months before we really hit the winter season. If you’re looking at some remodel projects or interior renovations give us a call. You might be surprised as to how much money you can save doing projects in the winter rather than the spring.

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