Great Ideas for a Kitchen Backsplash

Great Ideas for a Kitchen Backsplash

The kitchen backsplash can really make a statement. Changing it up from time to time can alter the look and feel of your kitchen. It’s a simple and much less expensive alteration than redesigning the entire kitchen or even getting new appliances.

Here’s what to keep in mind when redoing your kitchen backsplash.

Recycled Materials. Do you want to go eco-friendly with “green” options? Maybe recycled glass tile, matte finishes or elements from the counter or appliances. Check local restoration and refurbished places for options you can use to recycle into a backsplash.

Make sure you have enough. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you buy enough. Take precise measurements of the width and height as well as any corners where you may need more than the figured amount.

How easy will it be to clean? If you choose really intricate tile with lots of cracks and crevasses, how easy will that be to clean off splattered spaghetti sauce?  Consider the way you work in the kitchen and what will be more practical.

Do you want an additional or different backsplash behind the stove? Some people prefer to have that smooth backsplash where the aforementioned sauce could splatter and be easily removed.

Consider the durability in the kitchen. You may not want wood, especially behind the sink as it could get moldy, warped and discolored.

What type of look at you going for? Do you want to blend wood and glass? Smooth lines for a modern feel? Rustic and refurbished backsplash with weathered and antiqued wood? Think about the feel you want to imply for your kitchen then look for the materials that match that look.

Do you want different splashes for different work zones? One splash for the stove or oven, one for the workspace and one for the entertainment space? Something to consider.

Choose one color for small kitchens. By breaking up colors and textures too much in a small kitchen will make it look even smaller. Stick to one color or texture.

Stick with seamless stainless steel for a contemporary loft kitchen. It’s easy, clean and puts the focus on the cabinets and appliances rather than the busyness of the kitchen.

There are a lot of ways to spruce up your kitchen backsplash but by taking these tips into consideration you can perfect the look and feel you’re going for. Call us for more tips and consultations on kitchen remodels.

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