Easy Ways to Remodel Your Whole Portland House

Remodeling and renovating can be a very costly project, so you will probably looking for shortcuts, simple solutions and easy ways to make your whole house remodel a little bit less stressful. At Cooper Design Builders we want your whole remodel or renovation to be easy and fun, but preparing yourself ahead of time is one of the best ways to get a head start on a whole house remodel.

Don’t neglect insulation.

You never want to skip on insulation when it comes to interior walls and doors. This will  save you energy, energy costs, and repairs down the road.

Upgrade electrical paneling and wiring.

Simply by upgrading your electrical panel and wiring during a whole home remodel, you will be prepared for any additional outlets, lighting, and additional energy draws from new appliances and light fixtures.

Consider cast-iron pipes.

If you don’t want to hear water running throughout your house consider upgrading to cast iron waste pipes. This will make noise issues fully in audible.

Consider quieter fans.

Bathroom fans, exhaust fans and overhead of and fans can be very noisy so you might consider spending a little bit extra on quieter exhaust fans.

Carefully think through any new remodel.

It can be easy to go crazy with new designs, exciting floor plans and great materials, but it’s also important to think through any new addition. It may not work for your existing structure or future plans so you’ll want to consult your contractor about all these details.

Plan for the future.

This will be different for everyone’s remodel. Are you planning on having children in the future? Are you planning on retiring in this home? Do you plan on getting the kids out of the house in this home? All of these plans for the future can affect your remodel now. Consider nurseries, baby proofing the house for widening the halls and doorways if you are retired.

Make sure you are on the same page as your contractor.

Don’t just go along with something because it was suggested. Ask questions, make sure you understand the reason behind certain materials or the way contractors are going to do something and if you are really adamant that something is not being done correctly, get a second opinion. We not only want you to be excited about your home remodel but love it for years to come without regretting any projects.

For a free consultation contact us today. We’d love to talk to you about your whole house remodel at any time.

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