Easy and Cheap Fixes for the Home

We all have those little issues that pop up around the house. Whether it’s a leaky faucet, worn door jamb or missing blind, there are some easy fixes for these everyday household headaches.

 The bad toilet handle.

This little fix costs less than $10 and can be easily mounted and replaced in about 5 minutes. Don’t put up with it any longer; just do it.

The Leaky faucet.

The worn out rubber washer is usually to blame for the leaky faucet. Unscrew and remove the faucet handle and replace the washer for less than $5.

 Recaulk the Sink or Tub.

Caulking can start to wear thin or crack over time leaving the rest of the bathroom or kitchen susceptible to water damage. For less than $10 including the caulking gun, you can fix this in no time.

Upgrade to LED

There are hundreds of light bulbs…. which to buy? LED bulbs offer extended life spans but can be pricier… however, when you consider how fewer you would have to buy because of their life, you probably save quite a bit of money. One good tactic is to buy a new bulb every time you go to the store so you don’t break the bank replacing all the bulbs at once.

Fix Cracked Plates

Not dinner plates, wall plates around switches and plugs. These get dingy over time and can crack so take a little time and replace those that need it for less than $5.

Fix Sprinklers

Did the kids bike break the sprinkler head? Maybe a car rolled over it and cracked it or the lawn mower got the best of it. Whatever the reason, for about $10 you can get a new sprinkler head and have water spraying the garden or lawn at a more consistent rate again.

These simple tips will keep your house looking in tip top shape. Need more ideas or maybe a larger remodel job? Give us a call today for tips and information on a home renovation.

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