7 Hacks to Add Value To Your Home

7 Hacks to Add Value To your Home

Here are some great low cost and no cost quick and easy things you can do to help home buyers see the value in your home.

 1. De-clutter

When you remove extra things from your home you will actually be adding to its worth. A nicely decluttered home is said to add as much as $4,000 to a home’s worth. In this case less really is more. You can easily do this yourself for free or go all out and hire a professional cleaning company and a professional stager.

2. Landscaping

This is a huge part of curb appeal. A gorgeous yard makes buyers want to take a closer look and see how great the house looks on the inside. Landscaping can be as simple as cleaning up what is already there with mowing and trimming. You can also bring in a few colorful planters with flowers to draw eyes to the front door as a way of saying come inside and take a look.

 3. Fresh Paint

A coat of new paint not only makes a room look fresh and clean it gives off that new home smell and sends the message to buyers that the home is well cared for. Make sure to keep the colors neutral to appeal to the most buyers. Bright and untrendy colors can be a turn off and have the opposite effect.

 4. DIY Projects

This is not talking about those quirky things people do to their homes to make them more suited to their personal style. We are talking about easy fixes and minor updates around your home that you can do yourself to save money over hiring someone to do the work for you. These projects can include things like updating hardware on cabinets, replacing faucets, or maybe adding some wainscoting to the dining room if it fits in with the style of the home.

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5. Update Lighting

Lighting can get expensive, but there are some great fixtures you can purchase at lower costs that will update your home and add value. Replacing a fixture can be another easy diy project unless it is a big change in fixtures then you may want to call in an electrician.

 6. Purchase New Low Cost Furniture

There are many stores that offer more affordable furniture options. There is a reason why stores like Ikea are doing so well. New updated furniture helps to show your home in its best light and as a bonus you get to take the updated home décor with you.

 7. Pre-Listing Inspection

This may be the most hack-worthy or hacks for preparing your home to sell. Hire an inspector before putting your home on the market. This can be a few hundred dollars ,but it could save you a lot of money in the selling process.

Finding major fixes before a buyer does could save you thousands. Cooper Design Builders can help you update or renovate your home, especially if you plan on selling soon.

Thank you to our guest post this week – Louisville real estate expert Joe Hayden Realty.

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