5 Worst Home Renovations for the Money

Most people want to get every dime out of a home renovation and whether you are planning to sell or just fix up for your own benefit, there are some great renovations you can make that are really worth the money. But on the flip-side of that, there are also renovations that are a waste of money.

Additional bedrooms and bathrooms are usually a good bet as they improve the house not only for you, but for the next homeowner. Remodeling the kitchen and bathroom from outdated materials is also a good idea but here are 5 renovations that tend to be a waste of money.

#1. Enlarge the bedroom or master suite.

This only works if you are adding square footage at a decent cost. But if you are knocking out a wall in another bedroom to enlarge the master, it could be a disaster. Not only are you loosing the additional bedroom but many homebuyers may not want that large of a bedroom. On average, a master suite addition could run up to $100,000 and only 53% can be recouped at the sale.

#2. Closet Renovation.

Every girl dreams of a large closet but if you’re taking out another room or making another bedroom smaller to do so, it may not be worth it. Closets can cost up to $5,000 and only 57% on average is recouped at resale. It’s best to organize what you have and opt for a closet system rather than a bigger space.

#3. Bathrooms

I know I just said that it’s a good thing but you have to do it cautiously. Many home buyers love big, luxurious bathrooms but if you’re renovating only to sell, most homeowners only recoup 58% of the renovation costs. It may be best to enjoy a bathroom remodel yourself before selling so you can recoup the cost in years rather than dollars.

#4.  Wood-Frame Windows.

Windows are a lot like roofs in that you probably don’t think about them until something goes wrong. When it comes time to replace them, they can cost up to $30,000 for a full replacement and only 58% of that is recouped at resale. You might consider one or two windows, especially if they are leaking or have lost their seal. This will save on energy bills as well rather than replacing all windows, even ones that don’t need it.

#5. New front door.

Do this only if you really want to, or have to. Fiberglass doors can cost up to $2,500 or more and only 60% of that can be recouped. A steel door costs much less and returns about the same amount. Front doors, unless they are broken or leaking, should only be replaced if you really found a door you love.

Again, minor updates, new carpet, paint, new lighting or faucet fixtures and such are great addons that really add value but don’t go overboard, especially if you are selling. You want to be able to recoup that cost as much as possible.

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