Vancouver Mediterranean – Whole House Remodel

The location: Prime, with a view of the Columbia River. The house: Not so prime. A 70’s modern-traditional with an awkward, disjointed layout, it begged to be worthy of the view. After this remodel, it’s a toss-up.
Reinvented as a Mediterranean with a rustic edge, the house is grand and expansive starting with the pair of 8-foot custom mahogany and ironwork front doors. Inside, the first floor was completely reconfigured turning the separate kitchen, living room, and dining room into an open-concept plan with flair. Before the layout was rather maze-like, now traffic flows with easy logic along a central hallway. A master suite addition, new patios, and covered BBQ area allow full access to the views.

When all was said and done, instead of competing, house and view complement one another, each more than worthy of the other.