Tualatin Neo-Traditional – Whole House Remodel

Inviting: the one word that best sums up the ambiance of this remodeled home. In its prior state, this home felt boxy, dark, and outdated. As soon as you enter, you sense the open feel. To accomplish this, we removed a structural wall that used to divide the living room from the family room and hid a support beam in the ceiling. The result of this change is a beautiful extended great room with a seamless finish. The great room flows right into the remodeled kitchen. This breathtaking room is a wonderful illustration of how a few thoughtful changes can make a dramatic difference in the aesthetics and functionality of a space.

Photography by: Captured by Cody Wheeler and Cooper Design Builders

Interior Design by: Amy Troute Inspired Interior Design

Mike & Stefanie

“Even though we felt scared about the chaos of construction, COOPER Design Builders reduced our stress by setting expectations and had great communication.”

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